Arts Desire Beauty Pro now carries the FULL Borboleta Beauty line with Canadian pricing!! 


Beauty isn’t something that can be captured - it's living, breathing and wild. It's something a little different for each of us, yet so easy to recognize. Like a butterfly, each one unique, but equally beautiful. 
Specializing in eyelash extensions, they've mastered the art and perfected a unique application method that is taught by our certified training staff. Borboleta has sought out and found the highest quality eyelash extensions and products that actually work.
Now Borboleta wants to share this specialized technique and product line with you: the artist. Once you’re trained and certified, you will be able to offer clients a new, exciting service and product. This training will prepare you to become a highly successful eyelash extension artist.
Borboleta is committed to providing the highest quality eyelash extension training and products that produce beauty-defining results, high-demand, and increased revenue for artists and professionals. We continually strive to be the best at what we do.

To place an order of Borboleta products or for the Canadian price list please email us at info@adbeautypro.com or give us a call at 250-590-5579.